Adobe InDesign Automation

Automatic formatting with Adobe InDesign and EasyCatalog

Do you want to automatically format data from Excel or a database directly from Adobe® InDesign®? With EasyCatalog, you can dramatically speed up page layout time and ensure your documents remain error-free. Used by thousands of users in more than thirty countries across six continents, EasyCatalog has established itself as the most powerful and flexible database publishing solution for Adobe InDesign.

Import data sources

EasyCatalog integrates directly with existing data sources, so it does not need its own database. The EasyCatalog architecture is such that it can directly link external data to Adobe InDesign templates. Would you like to know how you can immediately save time and costs with the automated layout of your brochure, magazine, catalogue? Download the white paper InDesign Automation in 5 steps now.

Qonqord 5 Steps to automate catalog production - admin

Automatic formatting using intelligent templates

With InDesign Automation you can save a lot of time and costs on DTP work and reduce the turnaround times of publications enormously.

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