Adobe InDesign automation module

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Adobe Indesign Automation

Auto Format

With the paginator you can automatically format structured data files from a PIM system or other source system, using intelligent templates, in Adobe InDesign. Price and product adjustments can be made automatically until the last minute.

Qonqord works for, among others:

Page schedule

With the paginator, marketing managers and category managers can automatically create brochures, folders, datasheets and catalogs via a web portal. There is no need for a DTP person to intervene here.

Intelligent Templates

Pages can be formatted fully automatically based on intelligent templates. Designers can fully concentrate on the layout without having to worry about content.

DAM & Content creation

The paginator has a standard integration with DAM for managing and unlocking images for publications. Images are automatically served in the correct format to printouts and websites.


Through the integrated workflow module, all stakeholders, such as product managers, purchasing and marketing, work together with designers on the construction and approval of the publications.

Online editor

With the online editor you can add additional content, such as stories and visuals, to the product information that comes from the source system.

Auto Format

Qonqord helps you fine-tune the data source, the image information, create templates, tag the data fields and devise and apply the automatic formatting rules.

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Publication Organizer

Our platform combines workflow for media neutral content creation, with InDesign automation and DAM. With Publication Organizer you save time and costs for creation and you can drastically shorten the turnaround times of publications.

What does this mean for your organization?

Create and reuse content
speed up time to market
Repetitive formatting processes
Posibillities cross selling
Corporate identity monitoring


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Knowing more?

Do you also want to create media neutral content via the workflow? We are happy to make an appointment with you to discuss the possibilities for your organization.

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