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Qonqord lets publishers and brands perform better with Amazon Web Services

Qonqord is a Platform Service Provider offering a modular platform for Content Creation, Content Management and Content Distribution. Our European client base includes major publishing and media companies, retailers and wholesalers, advertising agencies, museums and government organizations.

Qonqord and AWS

Qonqord works closely with AWS. We strongly believe in Amazon’s philosophy with being able to modularly integrate software services with AI support. With Amazon’s help, Qonqord established a new future-proof, fully cloudbased, stable, fast, scalable and secure platform to meet our customers’ digital transformation needs. This way we avoid unnecessary server and storage costs and always use the latest technologies. Microservices, form the core of our technology stack. According to your needs, we can easily make the right services available through our platform for your content processes.

Qonqord AWS services

Qonqord offers all kinds of additional micro services such as PDF creation, (brand) portals, dashboards, color management, image cropping, AI, and content distribution in combination with our central Platform for Content Orchestration, based on Workflow for content creation, CMS, DAM and Content Distribution software from Qonqord’s key partners, WoodWing, Adobe and Amazon.

The Qonqord platform facilitates:

  • 24/7 content creation, content management and content distribution
  • Automated and securely managed environment
  • Flexible up- and downscale capabilities

As a result, we realize: 

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Accelerated time to market
  • More more more sales

Qonqord’s agnostic platform modules can be integrated with a wide range of content creation and content management solutions. This ensures smooth modular deployments at our customers, using a technology based entirely on APIs and Amazon Micro Services.

With AWS, we can orchestrate our customer processes in the most efficient way.

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