Audax pleased with online publishing platform: ‘Hybrid working is the norm’

To work quickly and flexibly, Audax Publishing knocked on Qonqord’s door to set up their entire editorial workflow. The need was for editors, designers and publishers to work better together. Audax chose WoodWing’s editorial platform based on Studio and Assets after several consultations with Qonqord. This environment provides insight and flexibility across the entire process. Using the web-based platform, all employees can easily log in and use the software from the office, home or location.

Audax is the smart highway to the consumer for the producer of everyday items – from cleaning products to magazines. Via points of sale, distribution points and media. Audax helps manufacturers, wholesalers and importers of everyday items with research, logistics and distribution. And also has its own media portfolio, both online and offline, good for more than 3 million readers in the Netherlands and Belgium. The eleven media titles, including Girlfriend, Santé, Weekend and CosmoGIRL!. This sandwich formula brings Audax – with around 800 FTEs, working throughout the chain. They must be able to work closely and flexibly.

Media neutral content creation

WoodWing Enterprise Aurora ensures that you can prepare content medium neutrally with the help of files and a multichannel editor. Copywriters, photographers, editors and designers work together to create, edit and design stories for all media channels.

All editors, designers and regular photographers now work in the platform and freelancers submit their pieces in it. This is an enormous progress, because in the past the editors preferred to work in Word and PDF and then put together articles with cut-and-paste work. Through intensive and committed cooperation with Qonqord, this new platform ensures structured work processes and a seamless workflow in which everyone can work together efficiently.

The platform now offers a great advantage while working from home

An additional wish of Audax was to no longer install this solution on location, but in the cloud. The platform is hosted and managed by Qonqord. Not only does this provide benefits in management, but during Covid and during the publisher’s move, it was easy for editors to switch over because the workflow and DAM application can be accessed from anywhere.

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