is one of the most popular (web) stores in the Netherlands and Belgium and is also the market leader in the online sale of books, entertainment, electrical appliances and toys. More than 6.5 million customers in the Netherlands and Belgium can choose from more than 14.5 million articles. 1,255 professionals work at’s head office in Utrecht.

The challenge

Every day, receives up to 200,000 images from its various suppliers. Processing these images is extremely labor intensive. They should all be indexed and stored with the correct and effective metadata. Next, selections must be made of the most suitable images for the website.


In order to be able to process and manage the enormous amounts of files, has chosen the robust WoodWing Assets image bank. It can manage up to 1 billion files. In addition, a user-friendly interface in combination with an open architecture and well-documented API (development interface) were required. has created scripts via the API that automatically make selections based on the metadata that is linked to the images.


The images are filtered on the basis of predefined criteria, so that the selection process for the product managers is greatly simplified. Through an integration between WoodWing Assets (DAM) and the Product Information Management system (PIM), data and files can be worked in real time. As a result, the processing and publication process is no longer a bottleneck for growth and ambitions.

We have structured by

  • Unambiguous and objective indexing
  • Efficient process for digital publishing
  • Higher ROI from marketing assets
  • Integration of data and files
  • Lower process costs
  • Stable work processes
  • Shortened creation and production cycles
  • Accelerate the time to market
  • Full back office integration



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