Bridging the gap with content orchestration: insights from Henry Stewart DAM London 2024

Last Thursday and Friday, Hans Fermont and Ronald Leusink of Qonqord attended the Henry Stewart DAM event in London, a hub of innovation and expertise in Digital Asset Management (DAM) and content management. We were inspired by compelling use cases from industry powerhouses such as Hilton, BP, Hogarth, ICP, Nestlé, British Airways and the BBC. Immersing ourselves in the diverse presentations, one prevailing theme became evident: the transformative power of content orchestration.

At Qonqord, we have long championed the concept of content orchestration because we believe it is the key to harmonizing content creation and publishing workflows, connecting people to processes and seamlessly integrating content, data and technology. Our experience at the Henry Stewart DAM event only reinforced this belief, showcasing how the strategic implementation of DAM, Content Management Systems (CMS), and Product Information Management (PIM) systems can revolutionize digital content publication processes.

The power of content orchestration

The insights we gained at the Henry Stewart DAM event only strengthened our commitment to content orchestration. By harmonizing content workflows, we believe brands and publishers can achieve unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. Content orchestration bridges the gap between disparate systems and unified, strategic content management, allowing brands to thrive in an increasingly digital landscape.

Managing digital content effectively requires the orchestration of content to ensure data accuracy and consistency. Continuous improvement and adaptation to changing market demands are essential. The integration of DAM, CMS, and PIM systems, showcased in multiple presentations, highlighted significant benefits such as cost savings, streamlined workflows, and enhanced customer experiences.

Another key point was the role of AI in optimizing omnichannel content delivery. By enabling personalized and dynamic content, AI improves customer experiences and increases engagement. This technological synergy is a cornerstone of content orchestration, ensuring that brands and publishers can deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time.

The continuous journey of improvement

Theresa Regli, a strategic advisor and market expert in Media & Digital Asset Management (MAM/DAM) and Marketing Technology Ecosystems, stated that “Digital Asset Management alone is no longer enough.” This aligns perfectly with our beliefs at Qonqord. We assert that a DAM platform should not be an isolated silo managing specific creative assets. Instead, it should be an integrated part of an ecosystem where people collaborate in marketing and publication processes, creating and sharing magnificent experiences that drive engagement and sales.

To achieve such an environment, it all starts with drawing the outlines of a process that fits the needs of your organization. This is about connecting teams, data, content, and technology. Teams for product management, creative teams, social media teams, and web and print teams should be supported by orchestrated workflows and integrated data exchange that guarantees successful marketing campaigns powered by automation, leaving room for creativity.

Many companies struggle with inefficient processes due to a large gap between teams and platforms like DAM, CMS, PIM, and CRM. This is the gap Qonqord aims to bridge by helping you draw and implement orchestrated processes and workflows that will help you perform better.

Qonqord’s commitment to content orchestration

Our commitment to content orchestration is unwavering. We believe that by harmonizing content workflows, brands and publishers can achieve unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns and publications. Content orchestration bridges the gap between disparate systems and unified, strategic content management, enabling brands and publishers to excel in an increasingly digital landscape.

Contact us for a free consultation where we can discuss options for optimizing your content processes. Together, let’s bridge the gap and create a harmonious and efficient digital future.



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