Campaign management

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Campaign management

Conducting your content orchestration

Coordinating your marketing activities to create high-impact, cross-channel content with internal and external content teams is quite a challenge. With the campaign management module you can streamline your campaigns from briefing, creation  until the artwork is approved. Your teams work smartly together this way.

Qonqord deploys the campaign management platform Wrike  in which is integrated with our DAM and Content Creation module

Qonqord works for, among others:

Overview of all activities and schedules
Easy to give feedback
Personalized workflows
Transparent time registration
Linked Calendars
Detailed reporting
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Why Marketers love Wrike campaign management

Do you also want to get a grip on your marketing campaigns, content creation processes, deadlines and all internal and external resources and do you want to shorten lead times?

What does this mean for your organization?

Teams work together more efficiently
Less stress about deadlines
Transparent, predictable process
Shorter time to market
Lower costs through time savings


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Adobe InDesign Automation

DekaMarkt-Dirk van den Broek

Detailresult has chosen Woodwing Assets to manage and distribute all visual material and artwork.
In addition, the door-to-door folders are created semi-automatically using Adobe InDesign and Paginator (EasyCatalog).

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Advertising agencies

How Creative Zoo orchestrates content for new customer segments

Creative Zoo – a leading branding agency in Denmark – an example of an agency focusing on sustainable revenue streams. Thomas Brovst, Digital Transformation Specialist, and Hans-Georg Hansen, Senior Adviser on Communications, explain how Creative Zoo meets challenges and thrives in a competitive environment.


Knowing more?

Do you also want to create media neutral content via the workflow? We are happy to make an appointment with you to discuss the possibilities for your organization.

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