Content Orchestration at Next Retail

Next Retail is a multinational British retailer of clothing, footwear and household goods, headquartered in Enderby, England. Next has approximately 700 stores, of which approximately 500 are in the UK and approximately 200 in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Next is the largest clothing retailer in the UK in terms of sales.  

Content Orchestration at Next Retail

Next Retail is a multinational British retailer of clothing, footwear and homewares, headquartered in Enderby, England. With the expansion with new brands and the continued international expansion and growth of e-commerce, the amount of digital asset has exploded .

The challenge

Explosion of digital assets

Due to the expansion with new brands and further international expansion and the growth of e-commerce, the amount of digital assets has exploded. The previous DAM system was never directly integrated into the business processes. This meant that processes for capturing and managing shoots, cropping images, building spreads for print and images for online were manually managed by several teams working outside of the old DAM system.

This way of working emphatically hindered the development of the company.

The wish was to replace the existing DAM system and thereby enable new workflows. Provide tools that would significantly improve the overall performance of the organization and minimize the risks associated with day-to-day content creation.

WoodWing Assets

WoodWing Assets had to become the heart of Next’s content creation processes, meeting the needs of the various design and production teams while automating repetitive work as much as possible. The platform had to be integrated with product management tools, the e-commerce website, with the PIM system and other future applications.  

Content orchestrating

Analysis of content creation processes

A thorough analysis of the existing processes and types of content and the requirements for print and e-commerce formed the basis for setting up new processes and workflows.

Implementation Woodwing Assets

By implementing WoodWing Assets, Next can continuously adapt its workflows and processes to new business needs and scale up with the further growth of the e-commerce platform. Full integration with Next’s important business systems guarantees further automation, allowing Next to focus on strengthening its competitive position.  

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