Law enforcement

The Police’s communication department is responsible for all reporting on the activities of the Dutch Police. This includes the Blauw and 24/7 magazines, which inform all police employees about current events within the organisation.

Law enforcement

When the police decided to partly centralize their communication activities, they also took a closer look at their processes. They wanted to make the editorial processes of the communication department easier, better and faster.

The challenge

When the police decided to partly centralize their communication activities, they also took a closer look at their processes. Project leader Steven Snoep was soon hired to make the editorial process of the communication department easier, better and faster.

Content orchestrating

Blue’ and ’24/7′

For the creation and publication of two magazines, ‘Blauw’ and ’24/7′, two tools proved to be the answer: WoodWing Studio and Woodwing Assets . “Since such a process follows a fixed pattern, it is very efficient to describe a workflow for this and to automate it,” says Steven. “Qonqord has helped us tremendously with that.”

WoodWing Studio

“Working with WoodWing Studio provides security and peace of mind” In the past, editors received instructions by email, after which they wrote an article in Word,” says Steven. “Then the appendices went back and forth between the final editor, the editor and the interviewee to coordinate the content. Sometimes there were twenty steps. This process resulted in many folders and extra checking work. The latter was necessary because the designers eventually did the correct (final) version.”

Security and tranquility

WoodWing Studio has changed this. “This prevents an article from moving to the next phase before approval has been given. The final editors send a briefing via the system. The editor creates the content and places it in the correct file in WoodWing Studio. At that point, the content to the next phase: the final editors see that the article is ready and get to work with it. Everything is based on statuses, which makes the process extremely structured. This provides a lot of certainty and peace of mind.”

Woodwing assets

“Woodwing Assets makes a lot of email traffic about images superfluous” Because the magazines also need images in addition to text, the police also decided to work with Woodwing Assets. “The system now creates a link for each article, which is emailed to the person who has to supply the image,” explains Steven. “This person can then easily drag in the correct photos, after which the image editors will receive a notification that the images have been uploaded.” The fact that the image editors can also appreciate photos is extremely useful: “This way you immediately know which image is preferred. There is no need to email about it.”   ” Qonqord makes proposals, gives advice and asks the right questions”. Steven is very satisfied with the collaboration with Qonqord : “Our contact person at Qonqord is very experienced. He does not have a wait-and-see attitude: he makes proposals, gives advice and asks the right questions. If we describe a specific wish, he knows how to implement it within the possibilities of WoodWing.” According to Steven Snoep

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