Publisher Porto Editora saves enormous time with Woodwing platform

Porto Editora is the largest publisher of textbooks and fiction in Portugal, with more than half of the market share in the educational market. The publisher mainly works with printed editions, with a small (but growing) share of digital publications.  

Publisher Porto Editora saves enormous time with Woodwing platform

Find out how Porto Editora is giving its authors, designers, photographers and proofreaders more time to focus on content quality with the help of the Woodwing publishing platform.

The challenge

We had two challenges: to innovate our editorial production processes and enable multichannel output.

Before working with Qonqord, Porto Editora had a stand-alone DAM solution and a separate information management system, where people would record their actions and times related to a particular project. The next person working on the project would then have to go to the DAM to find the files, do their job, resubmit the files to the DAM, and log their actions into the information management system. Since about 10 people work together on a particular book — including authors, designers, layout professionals, photographers, and proofreaders — this was a cumbersome process.   – Rui Almeida, Head of Business Analytics at Porto Editora – In terms of digital production, Porto Editora is still in a transition phase. Enabling multi-channel output for both digital and print has been a key consideration in future-proofing his company so that it can offer customers a choice of channels. Porto Editora envisions a simple production process where the same content source generates all output.


When assessing possible solutions to support the production process, Porto Editora had the following requirements in addition to multichannel and streamlining its editorial processes: • An open technological architecture • Integration with Adobe software • content-centric (search, browse, search, schedule, create, manage, publish) • Workflow overview • Editor accessible to internal or external contributors • Integration API • DAM integration

Content orchestrating

Rui Pereira, prepress director at Porto Editora

In collaboration with Qonqord, Porto Editora implemented WoodWing’s DAM and content production solution. This meant that the organization could consolidate its two systems into an integrated solution and take advantage of the workflow functionality to improve speed and transparency in the content creation process. There are three main benefits to working with WoodWing Studio. First, the overview of the workflow means you can easily access the system and see what stage a book is in. Second, the workflow steers the way content creation and approval processes are led by teams. And third, the open architecture of WoodWing’s products allows continuous improvement and customization to meet our needs.


  Porto Editora has more than 100 internal and external employees who work together seamlessly on the platform, With the improved clarity and transparency provided by the workflow status and overview, Porto Editora now needs fewer proofs and feedback rounds to publish a book. This frees up time to further invest in the quality of the content and in other innovations. The combination of WoodWing’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, WoodWing Assets and WoodWing Studio means it can consolidate workflow and asset management into one system.

Publish from one source

Porto Editora is now ready to start the transition to digital publishing from one source, where the flexibility of the WoodWing solutions allows them to redefine production processes.

Integration with existing environment

Together with Porto Editora’s product and technology teams, we integrated the WoodWing tools into Porto Editora’s existing IT environment, creating the best fit for the customer. We expect future versions of WoodWing Studio to play an increasingly important role in supporting educational and book publishers worldwide in their print and digital production processes.  

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