Collaborate with different teams to create visual content

Working together with different teams to create visual content for your website, app, social and print expressions is still a big challenge for many (marketing) organizations. Now that we are increasingly working from home, this is not getting any easier.

We can certainly make it easier for you.

Using our DAM & Workflow content orchestration platform, teams work seamlessly together, at home and in the office, to create and publish content across all channels.

Copywriters and marketing people can compose texts and images online, designers can further design InDesign and Photoshop files via the workflow and submit them for approval.

You can easily share files via the workflow instead of unnecessarily copying them back and forth via ftp, WeTransfer, Dropbox or mail.

You never have to search unnecessarily for the right approved version of designs and images, but you can quickly find the right file based on metadata such as keywords, date, editor, etc. No matter where you are, as long as you have internet access.

Through our platform, renditions (derivatives) can be automatically created for the relevant channels. This prevents unnecessarily heavy files or files that are too small with poor quality.

After the files have been approved, you can simply publish them on the desired channel. Based on statuses, we can even make publishing on your website completely automatic.

By collaborating much more efficiently and automating repetitive processes, you can explicitly save on costs, react faster to the market and monitor your house style much better.

We are happy to explain how our platform can help you with this. Please contact one of our sales consultants.

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