Collaboration between PublishOne and Qonqord

A Game-Changer in Publication Workflows for publishers and knowledge centers in the educational, legal and tax sectors


At Qonqord, we are always keen to optimize content processes. This is why we are excited about our partnership with PublishOne. In this blog post, we zoom in on how this partnership adds value for our customers and how the PublishOne platform adds value to publishers and knowledge centers on a daily basis.

About PublishOne

PublishOne is more than just a software developer; it is a specialist in workflow solutions specifically for educational and legal publishing. The platform makes managing, editing and publishing content, both online and offline, simple and effective. With seamless integration of MS Word texts and automation of publishing processes, PublishOne sets the standard for efficiency.

Why this Collaboration?

The cooperation between PublishOne and Qonqord is not a coincidence but a strategic match. While Qonqord has extensive expertise in automating workflows and processes, PublishOne focuses on further developing PublishOne as a cloud software platform. “Through the partnership, we are helping clients with their daily content challenges in a rapidly changing marketplace.” Thus Wilto Hofman of PublishOne.

How it Works in Practice:

Imagine being responsible with publishing content for different channels. With PublishOne by your side, you can easily create, manage and publish content. All participants work together in one central platform for content creation and enrichment.

  • Automatic synchronization of Word files
  • Automatic conversion to Adobe InDesign
  • Review and Approval: Editorial teams can effortlessly review and approve content within the workflow.
  • Publication: Easily distribute your approved content based on different statuses.
  • Roles and Rights: Assigning specific roles and rights to different users is a breeze.

What does that mean to you?

  • Saving time: Automation speeds up every aspect of content creation and distribution.
  • Cost control: Fewer manual tasks means less time and therefore less cost.
  • Flexibility: The platform can be customized as needed, allowing your business to respond more quickly to changing market conditions.


The cooperation between PublishOne and Qonqord offers a practical and versatile solution for anyone looking for more efficient publishing processes or indeed a smart content supply chain.


Then contact our sales for an introductory meeting and discover for yourself the versatile possibilities of PublishOne.



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