Collaboration between Squadra and Qonqord: Digital Transformation and Content Orchestration


In today’s marketplace, digital transformation is not a luxury but a necessity. That’s why Qonqord and Squadra have formed a partnership focused on mapping content and marketing processes at media companies, retailers, e-tailers and wholesalers and designing holistic process optimization solutions for publishers and brands. While Squadra focuses on guiding companies through their digital transformation and eCommerce/omnichannel strategies, Qonqord focuses on making creative and multichannel publishing processes more efficient through automated workflows.

Let’s see what this collaboration can mean for the above mentioned companies.

What Squadra Contributes

Squadra is a name synonymous with expert guidance in digital transformation and eCommerce/omnichannel strategies. With specialized units focused on areas such as Master Data Management, Data Science & Machine Learning(Machine Learning Company), AI and more, Squadra offers a multifaceted suite of services to help businesses move forward. Curious about the possibilities? Take a look at the website!

What Qonqord Offers

Qonqord, on the other hand, focuses on consulting in digital asset management, media-neutral content creation and Adobe InDesign automation. By designing and implementing processes that ensure high efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns, Qonqord helps companies automate their content supply chain to a great extent.

The Concept of Content Orchestration

Content orchestration is the integrated, holistic approach that emerges when the expertise of Squadra and Qonqord come together. The goal is simple: to design and implement process automation at media companies, retailers and wholesalers that provide maximum efficiency and effectiveness, both online and offline.

More than just Consultancy

What sets this collaboration apart is that it goes beyond traditional consulting. In addition to the strategic aspects of digital transformation, both parties together map all processes from product data management, master data managenet and commerce to creative workflow automation and omnichannel marketing. In addition, both parties jointly implement the best-fit software platforms. This ensures a seamless transition from theory to practice.

Added Value for Business

For media companies, retailers, e-tailers and wholesalers, this means not only guiding them in the right strategic direction, but also providing them with concrete tools and processes they can implement immediately. This maximizes the effectiveness of both online and offline marketing campaigns.

In conclusion

The collaboration between Squadra and Qonqord offers an integrated consulting approach that brings the term content orchestration to life. Whether you want to improve your marketing campaigns, accelerate your digital transformation or are simply looking for a more efficient way of working, this collaboration will help you identify your unique needs and translate them into efficient and effective processes. We’d love to join the conversation with you to think with you and your content and marketing challenges.



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