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Streamlined content delivery

Streamlined Content Delivery


Many organizations face significant challenges when it comes to content distribution to different channels and touch points. Fragmented processes, different teams, practices and tools often lead to inefficiencies and delays.

  • Fragmented processes: The lack of structured processes hinders efficiency.
  • Repetitive manual work: Lack of automation of content distribution leads to unnecessary manual work.
  • Diverse tools: The use of various tools by multiple teams without integration leads to inefficiency and inconsistency.

Added value of streamlined content distribution

Streamlined content distribution is essential to overcoming these challenges and gaining competitive advantage. It ensures consistency, speed and higher quality of content.

  • Efficiency: Unified processes reduce wasted time and resources.
  • Collaboration: Teams work together seamlessly, increasing productivity.
  • Consistency: Integrated tools ensure a unified content experience.

Content Delivery Hub

Qonqord offers, as part of its modular platform, a Content Delivery Hub. This ensures that digital files are delivered to the appropriate end point in the correct format at the correct resolution.

Content Delivery Hub

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In the Platform for Content Orchestration, you create and manage content for all your media channels. Through the Content Delivery Hub, you can automatically distribute content in the right format to all common digital channels and end points.

Brands & Publishers perform better by Content Orchestration

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White paper content orchestration

In this white paper, we cover the entire content supply chain, which ensures efficient content delivery.

What does this mean for your organization?

Increased productivity
Corporate identity monitoring


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