Content Orchestration and multichannel publishing, where to start?

Marketers in 2022 live in a challenging time. Thanks to the growth in the number of media channels, marketers have endless possibilities to reach their target groups with effective online and offline communication.

Trends and big data

Trends such as customer engagement, marketing automation, content marketing, experience marketing and individualized marketing mean that the need for rich content is increasing. The application of these trends in combination with the possibilities of big data – such as linking customer profiles and transaction data with relevant content – creates a mecca for today’s marketers, as it gives them plenty of opportunity to reach their target groups and to adapt them to their needs. to bind.

Cashing in on opportunities

To capitalize on these opportunities, it’s essential that marketers have access to exactly the right content at any time to communicate their message, across any channel. Due to the rapid developments, there is an explosively growing range of digital content such as designs, images and video. The only question is, how do marketers ensure that they can easily access this 24/7?

DAM: access to all content at any time

The answer to that is: use a digital asset management platform, DAM for short. Such a platform is the foundation for content orchestration and multichannel publishing. DAM is an image bank in which all rich content is stored centrally, and in which marketers can quickly find the right assets for communication via all media channels. This is possible thanks to the search and filtering based on metadata (information about the files).

This creates streamlined creative and publication processes with the shortest possible turnaround times. Everyone involved in these processes – DTP professionals, photographers, product managers, marketers, sales, (marketing) agencies, web designers, content managers – can use the centrally stored assets in the DAM platform.

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We help streamline your processes

With our DAM and workflow tools, we help brands and retailers streamline their creative and publishing processes. These tools form the foundation for omnichannel publishing. We use our software tools at Albelli , Hoogvliet , Koopman, Yamaha Motor Europe , Detail Result (Deka and Dirk), G-Star, NCOI and Bavaria , among others.

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