Content Orchestration for Retailers and Wholesalers

Qonqord has paved the way for efficient content creation for retailers, supermarkets and wholesalers. The process has now crystallized in the software platform Publication Organiser, platform for content orchestration. Organizations such as Yamaha Motor Europe, Koopman International, Next Retail, Swinkels Family Brewers, Albelli, Dirk van den Broek, Hoogvliet, Dekamarkt, Picnic and NCOI Training are using the platform.

Publication Organizer allows orchestrating content. The cloud platform enables organizations to efficiently collaborate digitally on content with their employees. Just as musicians come to a harmonious composition with their instruments in an orchestra, thanks to PO, employees have their own tools for a cohesive marketing campaign. The team thus forms an orchestra, with the marketer as conductor who carefully monitors the whole.

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Ronald Leusink, partner at Qonqord, explains the streamlining: “All the content you need to create stories, or stories, can now be collected and managed in one place. So no longer spread over different teams, workstations, servers and databases. “All files are managed in a medium-neutral way within the platform and shared with the teams involved with a link instead of via email or WeTransfer. Everyone works in this environment and uses the same digital material. Teams work together, instead of past each other.” Content from back office systems, such as product descriptions, is automatically downloaded via API links and can be further enriched and prepared for publication using the software.

This means that the content is structured in such a way that it can be easily published to all channels. In short, it is a recipe for improved collaboration for content teams, reduced lead times, accelerated time to market and better stories for all media channels.

What does that look like in practice? We describe a number of cases.

NCOI Training

Efficiently creating and reusing content for online and offline and about twenty brands that NCOI Training has under its care. That’s what makes PO possible. In addition to omnichannel publishing, NCOI Groep now has the option to cross-sell all its training courses. That is to say: all brands, from Schoevers to Luzac, can easily sell the entire training portfolio because content is available.

With regard to the content process: the information from all source systems, such as PIM, ERP and CRM, is available to process into stories and publish them in a medium-neutral way. Fragmentation of information, resulting in endless searching for relevant content, is therefore a thing of the past. With PO this is possible thanks to the collaboration in different teams in a structured workflow. This breaks through compartmentalization and streamlines the content creation process. People are working on a multichannel campaign on one platform. For example, all online channels and print are immediately tackled.

Yamaha Motor Europe

Yamaha’s European headquarters with Publication Organizer serves distributors and dealers in 26 European countries 24/7 with marketing materials tailored to each country. Thanks to the platform, the cooperation between mutual branches remains solid as a rock.

In addition, all visual content is managed in the integrated DAM system that contains all digital material. Not only is that material immediately available, Yamaha also converts it into content for the website and the pressroom in no time at all.

By deploying the platform, Yamaha has been able to save enormously on operational costs, including DTP, and the time to market of product releases and campaigns has been drastically reduced. Moreover, these launches are published on multiple channels while maintaining consistency in the brand image.

Hoogvliet Supermarkets

Hoogvliet Supermarkets uses Paginator, part of Publication Organiser, to plan and automatically prepare weekly door-to-door folders. The production of the POS material is also highly automated. Hoogvliet can plan pages for the layout of the folder on the platform without the intervention of the DTP department.

The platform also offers a DAM system in which all images are stored and automatically find their way to the folder, POS and the website. In this way, Publication Organizer Hoogvliet offers a lot of flexibility: the organization is now less dependent on an external marketing agency.

Anneke van Kempen, marketing manager at Hoogvliet Supermakten, describes the platform’s strengths as follows: “Thanks to Publication Organiser, we can work with XXS very efficiently, without compromising creativity. This allows us to fully focus on the effectiveness of our weekly campaigns.”

The role of Qonqord

Implementing a software solution is of course never an end in itself. Qonqord’s consultants first expose all bottlenecks in a content process within an organization. With the help of acquired knowledge and experience, it is quickly possible to identify blind spots that internal employees do not always identify. For example, designers may routinely edit photo captions, while copywriters get more errors out of it. Or that embargoes on content are managed manually, while you can automate this.

Some companies are now making full use of the platform, while other organizations are able – with Publication Organizer as a foundation – to set a target on the horizon. The latter group, for example, is already using the platform to manage digital assets, such as text and images. To then easily make the step in the future to a streamlined workflow for improved collaboration between content creators inside and outside the organization. Walking such a path – which Qonqord fully accompanies – succeeds thanks to the combination of aspects that Publication Organizer unites in itself: managing assets, collaborating and automating the layout for all media channels.

Qonqord provides workshops to provide insight into current content processes, arranges implementation and provides tailor-made training on working with PO. The helpdesk is also available for support. With this method, we take content orchestration to a higher level together with the customer.

Would you like to know more about Publication Organizer ? Download the white paper .

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