Content orchestration for Yamaha Motor Europe for online and offline marketing for 27 markets

The European headquarters of Yamaha Motor Europe (YME) coordinates all sales and marketing activities for the European market. YME markets motorcycles, outboard motors, personal watercraft and snowmobiles in 26 European countries.

The challenge

For the consumer website and for the offline marketing materials, new content in the form of images, product descriptions and videos has to be continuously created. Many internal and external employees are involved in these processes; marketing professionals. How do you orchestrate this content?

Add structure

Based on an extensive analysis of the processes, Qonqord has implemented a platform for content orchestration based on WoodWing software. The platform, Publication Organizer , offers an integrated image library based on Woodwing Assets and a workflow that allows content to be planned, created, edited and approved. The platform is integrated with Yamaha’s InRiver PIM system in which product content is managed multilingually. The images are edited and managed in DAM. The publication platform, together with InRiver PIM, which is fully integrated, provides access to all content to all online and offline channels. All internal and external participants work together in one central workflow in which tasks are handled and everyone has insight into their status. Marketing, together with product management, is responsible for the creation of language versions of the brochures and POS material for 26 European countries. In Publication Organizer , category managers can place products and images on page templates without the intervention of designers. This is done using a live link with InRiver PIM. By means of the Paginator , the content is automatically formatted and previews are shown. If changes in the layout are required, these are requested from the designer via the workflow. This makes the changes so that they can be viewed and approved by marketing through the workflow. The brochures are then distributed via the workflow to the distributors who can make further adjustments via the workflow and, for example, choose pre-selected images. Finally, the head office approves the “localized brochures”. Ultimately, the files are delivered to the printer(s) ready for printing via the platform.

The workout consisted of

  • analysis
  • design
  • drawing up a program of requirements
  • package selection
  • implementation platform
  • management and maintenance

We have structured by

  • Saving printing costs
  • Savings on DTP production costs
  • Consistent brand image
  • Unambiguous and objective indexing
  • Efficient process for digital publishing
  • Higher ROI from marketing assets
  • Integration of data and files
  • Lower process costs
  • Multi-channel publishing
  • Online collaboration in workflow
  • Stable work processes
  • Shortened creation and production cycles
  • Accelerate the time to market
  • Full back office integration




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