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Automatic image correction, cropping, cut out and adding keywords for use on multiple channels!

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, both companies and creators face the challenge of generating high-quality visual content that stands out across channels. Meeting this demand requires efficient and effective image processing solutions that leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) for image intelligence. In this blog post, we dive into the world of automatic image correction, automatic image cropping and keywords, and explore how tools with AI technology can revolutionize multi-channel use with high quality and consistency.

Automatic image correction

Perfecting visuals with automatic image correction uses AI algorithms to enhance and optimize images for a variety of purposes. These options analyze various aspects of an image, such as skin tones, exposure, color balance, sharpness and noise levels, and automatically apply adjustments to produce visually appealing results. Here are some benefits for your image creation processes:

1. Time-saving image editing processes

Manually correcting multiple images can be time-consuming. Automatic image correction can quickly analyze and adjust images in bulk, freeing up valuable time for other creative pursuits.

2. Consistency and quality control.

Intelligent correction algorithms ensure that all your images maintain a consistent level of quality and meet your desired aesthetic. This consistency is essential for maintaining brand identity and delivering a seamless visual experience across channels.

3. Automatic improvements

Automated image correction tools often offer adjustable settings so you can fine-tune corrections based on your preferences. This flexibility ensures that your images reflect your unique style and deliver the desired results across all channels.

Automatic image cropping

Extracting subjects or objects from images is a common requirement for various applications, such as marketing materials, web design and graphic compositions. Automatic image cropping, powered by AI, simplifies and speeds up this process. Key benefits include:

1. Precision and time efficiency

AI algorithms excel at accurately identifying object boundaries and automate the cropping process. This eliminates the need for manual selection, saving you considerable time and effort while maintaining a very high level of precision.

2. Versatility in creative manipulation

By effortlessly separating elements from their backgrounds, automatic image cropping allows you to harness your creativity. Objects can be seamlessly integrated into new compositions, layered with different backgrounds or combined with other elements to create stunning visuals.

3. Adaptability to multiple channels

The cropped elements can easily be used on various channels, such as websites, social media or print materials. This versatility allows you to utilize the same object on different media, allowing it to have maximum impact.

AI-driven keywords

Increased findability and discoverability. Keywords are crucial for efficient management and retrieval of images. AI image intelligence tools automatically analyze images and generate relevant keywords. Here’s how this can enhance your multi-channel use:

1. Improved findability

By automatically assigning accurate and descriptive keywords to images, AI-driven keyword search makes search faster and delivers more accurate results. This makes it easier to find specific images in large collections, streamlining workflows and saving valuable time.

2. Improved discoverability

Keywords using AI not only help with internal organization, but also improve discoverability for external audiences. By including relevant keywords, you increase the chances of your images being discovered through search engines (image SEO) or stock photo platforms.

3. Consistency in metadata.

AI-driven keywords provide consistent metadata in your image library. This consistency helps organize and categorize images, making them easier to manage and use effectively across multiple channels.

AI image intelligence has transformed the way we look at image correction, image cropping and keywords. By using automatic image correction, you can improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of your visuals. Automatic image cropping simplifies object extraction, allowing you to use your creativity and use objects on different channels. With AI-driven keywords, you improve discoverability and discoverability, making your images more accessible and valuable in multi-channel use. Embracing these technologies enables companies and creators to deliver engaging visual content that resonates with their target audience on a variety of platforms.

Pixometry, one of our partners, specializes in automating image optimization. Whether optimizing best from scaling, detaching, cropping, applying shadow effects or mirror effects, Pixometry ‘s software can automate it all. Learn more about our software partner here.

A customer case in which Pixometry is applied is Hoogvliet supermarkets. To automatically edit their images, they use Pixometry. Among other things, the software automatically freestyles images and sets them against a white background. These images are automatically stored in the image bank, allowing them to be used directly for the flyers or the website.

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