Digital Asset Management
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Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

In today’s digital marketing world it is important to quickly find or create the right visuals. Digital assets must be on-brand and usable for every channel.

Qonqord works for, among others:

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Search and download

Search, find, filter and download assets through simple searches using the right terms.

Importing and adding metadata

Easy to import and metadata individual assets. Individually or in bulk.

Workflow support

Based on statuses, all those involved work together on the creation, approval and distribution of assets.


Brand portal for opening up all brand assets to the internal organization, distributors and stores/dealers.

Process automation

Well-documented API for integration with other platforms, such as CMS and PIM.


Single Sign on and secure access to assets for specific user groups with specific roles and rights.

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Get to know Woodwing assets

Learn how to reduce costs and cycle times for managing and distributing content in a collaborative environment with Digital Asset Management (DAM) software in this white paper.

What does this mean for your organization?

Less search time for correct files
speed up time to market
24/7 brand assets available
Posibillities cross selling
Better customer experiences.


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Albelli offers its customers personalized photo products such as
photo albums, wall decorations, cards, mugs and calendars. To manage all graphics in all photo albums, Albelli was looking for a DAM solution from which all graphics could be automatically accessed to the website.

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Adobe InDesign Automation

Content orchestration for Yamaha Motor Europe for online and offline marketing for 27 markets

Yamaha Motor Europe, with its platform for content orchestration, Publication Organizer, serves distributors and dealers in 27 European countries with fully localized marketing materials 24/7. In addition, all visual content is managed in the integrated Digital asset management module and made available to the website and the press room. By using the platform, Yamaha has been able to save enormously on operational costs and the time to market of product releases and campaigns has been drastically shortened.

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Sky and Digital Asset Management

Sky’s editorial team is responsible for the management and distribution of all program images for SKY and NOW TV.
The digital asset management solution not only enables teams across the organization to work much more efficiently and effectively, it also frees up the editorial team, allowing them to significantly accelerate the creation of new program images.


Knowing more?

Do you also want to create media neutral content via the workflow? We are happy to make an appointment with you to discuss the possibilities for your organization.

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