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How Can a DAM System Help You?

  • How have you organized your digital marketing files such as images and logos?
  • Do you often spend a lot of time looking for the right brand assets for marketing purposes?
  • Are all brand assets now available for marketing, sales and product management, for example?
  • Do you often work with photographers, designers, copywriters and advertising agencies?
  • Does your organization have separate teams for creating content for web, print and social?
  • Are publications first approved by different people before they are published?
  • How do you share files with everyone involved in publication processes?
  • How do you manage the rights to your digital brand assets?
  • How do you manage the images you want to publish on your website and do you have to deal with embargoes?
  • Are you now able to easily supply the desired file formats for digital and print?
It is understandable that you still have many questions that are important to you when purchasing a DAM solution. We are happy to help you with that.
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Learn how to reduce costs and cycle times for managing and distributing content in a collaborative environment with Digital Asset Management (DAM) software in this white paper.

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