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Digital Asset Management

WoodWing Assets helps you create great content and empowers creatives to collaborate more effectively with marketers and product managers. All files are stored in one location, giving you maximum control over when and where brand assets are used. Being an open platform with unlimited scalability, WoodWing Assets immediately fits into the technology landscape of any organization.

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Meet Woodwing Assets

Learn how to reduce costs and cycle times for managing and distributing content in a collaborative environment with Digital Asset Management (DAM) software in this white paper.

Speed up your creation processes

Edit your layouts and images directly with WoodWing Assets in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Assets keeps track of all your versions, while allowing you to collaborate more effectively.
• Adobe Creative Cloud integration
• Automated version management
• Collaboration on campaigns and projects

Easy asset management

Finally you can find, organize and enrich all your media files in one place. Make sure that only the right people have access to the right files, with the appropriate permissions.
• Metadata support
• Folders and Collections
• Approval on creations (assets)

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Share and distribute

Share your brand assets such as banners and advertisements with local offices, stores or colleagues using the WoodWing Assets Brand portal and let them download the on-demand files they need.
• Fire portal
• Make changes on the fly
• Publish & Distribute (automatically) to all your (sales) channels

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