Digital transformation for educational publishers, training centers and knowledge institutions

How Workflow Solutions Help Improve Processes

In recent years, the education sector has undergone tremendous changes, driven primarily by the rise of digital learning tools and online education. Educational institutions have had to adapt to this new reality to meet the growing needs of schools, teachers and students. One of the crucial aspects of this adjustment is streamlining and improving internal processes. This is where a workflow solution comes in. In this blog article, we will discuss how a workflow solution can help educational institutions improve their processes and produce educational books and online learning resources more efficiently.

What are the benefits of a workflow?

Educational publishers often deal with a large number of authors, editors, designers and other stakeholders involved in the production process of educational materials. A workflow solution provides a centralized platform on which all these stakeholders can collaborate and communicate. This helps streamline operations and coordinate tasks. Instead of fragmented communication via e-mail or other channels, all stakeholders can collaborate in one place. In addition, feedback streams and different versions are transparent, reducing misunderstandings and increasing productivity. Deadlines can also be set, making it easier to track the progress of each project and identify and address any bottlenecks in a timely manner.

Working in MS Words and developing innovative learning tools

Creating educational books and online learning resources requires a precise and structured approach. PublishOne offers an MS Word and XML-based workflow solution in which all stakeholders can work in a familiar environment. Because the platform includes templates and guidelines specific to the institution’s needs, consistent quality is ensured. Optionally, a DAM, a Digital Asset Management platform, can be integrated so that all assets such as images, video, infographics, animations and illustrations can be easily managed and accessed to all stakeholders in the process and, of course, to all media channels.


A workflow solution can be a powerful tool to meet the digital challenges faced by educational publishers. By enabling centralization, coordination, efficient content creation, version control and feedback, and time and cost savings, a workflow solution can help educational publishers optimize their production processes and deliver high-quality educational books and online learning resources more efficiently Through this more efficient process, educational materials can be brought to market faster, which can provide a competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction.

Process analysis, consulting and implementation of a workflow platform

Qonqord, as a consulting & workflow implementation party works closely with Amsterdam-based PublishOne, the user-friendly platform for educational institutions. PublishOne focuses on the continued development of the international software platform. Qonqord employs consultants with extensive experience in workflow automation to advise and guide publishers in implementing the new content creation and pubication processes in conjunction with the software platform. Contact Qonqord today to improve the opportunities around your content creation and audience creation processes!



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