Efficient marketing department helps wholesaler ILG Foodgroup achieve European growth

In this article, read how ILG’s marketing department achieved efficiency gains by implementing DAM and workflow automation.

Improved content creation, content management and distribution at ILG Food Group using a DAM system linked to SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products).

About ILG Food Group

ILG Food Group is a leading hospitality wholesaler and importer offering a wide range of food and non-food products to professional restaurant kitchens. With an extensive assortment and a network of branches, ILG Food Group delivers orders daily to catering wholesalers throughout Europe.

The challenge:

ILG Food Group’s marketing department is responsible for creating and managing compelling product and inspirational content for the campaigns for its various brands and channels, including its leaflets, websites and social media. They faced the following challenges:

1. Content fragmentation: Content was stored in different locations, such as local hard drives, shared folders on individual computers and in Sharepoint. This led to content fragmentation and made it difficult to manage and distribute consistent and up-to-date content.

2. Lack of workflow support: The lack of a centralized DAM (Digital Asset Management) system hindered collaboration between different teams and departments in creating and managing content. This resulted in inefficient work processes, duplication of effort and delays.

3. Waste of time: Searching for the right content took a lot of time and effort. Employees had to browse through different file folders and systems to find the assets they needed, resulting in wasted time and reduced productivity.

4. Difficulty tracking changes: It was difficult to keep up with version control of content, especially when multiple people were working on a project at the same time. This caused confusion and errors in the dissemination of outdated or incorrect content.

5. Placing the images in the offer flyers took a long time and was error-prone.

Finding the right images and preparing them for the website and for the brochure took a lot of time due to manual repetitive work.

The solution (efficiencies):

ILG Food Group partnered with Qonqord to implement the WoodWing Assets Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that interfaces with SAP, the company’s ERP system. The DAM system offers the following features:

1. Centralized storage and standardized taxonomy:

The DAM system provides a central location for storing all digital assets, including images, videos, documents and design elements. With standardized metadata (taxonomy), assets could be easily categorized and tagged for easy search and management.

2. Integrated collaboration: The DAM system enabled teams to collaborate on content creation projects with features such as shared workspaces, task assignment and real-time collaboration. This promotes efficiency, reduces duplication and improves timely completion of tasks.

3. Improved content management: With the DAM system, employees can quickly find and use the right content, thanks to powerful search and filtering capabilities. In addition, the system provides versioning and workflow control, keeping content consistent and up-to-date.

4. Seamless integration with SAP: The integration of the DAM system with SAP provides a streamlined workflow from content creation to distribution. Product information, pricing and other data can be automatically updated from SAP, minimizing errors and discrepancies.

5. Seamless integration with the automatic formatting process with EasyCatalog, the plug-in for Adobe InDesign. In addition to item information from SAP, images can now be easily selected from the DAM and published to the website and folder in the appropriate resolution.

The results:

By implementing the DAM system coupled with SAP, ILG Food Group achieved the following benefits:

1. Improved efficiency: The DAM system has optimized the content workflow, significantly reducing the time required to create, manage and distribute content. Employees can now quickly find and reuse needed assets, leading to increased productivity.

2. Better collaboration of all stakeholders in the process: The DAM system has improved collaboration between teams and departments. Shared workspaces and real-time collaboration allow team members to work together more efficiently, resulting in faster content creation and better alignment between different stakeholders.

3. Consistent and up-to-date content: With the ability to apply version control and workflow control, the DAM system ensures that only approved and up-to-date content is used. This minimizes errors and ensures that customers always have access to the latest and most accurate information.

4. Improved customer satisfaction: By managing and distributing content more efficiently, ILG Food Group can deliver relevant information to its customers faster and more consistently. This contributes to an improved customer experience and enhances customer satisfaction.

All in all, the implementation of a DAM system linked to SAP helped ILG Food Group significantly improve its content creation, content management and distribution processes. This has led to improved efficiency, better collaboration, consistent content and higher customer satisfaction, strengthening ILG’s competitive position in the hospitality wholesale industry.



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