How LINDA. transformed its editorial workflow with WoodWing Software

LINDA. is a household name in Dutch media, part of the larger Talpa Network. With a monthly reach of over 5 million people through, an impressive presence on social media and of course the magazines LINDA.magazine, LINDA.meiden and the special LINDA.loves., LINDA. sets the tone in appealing content for women

Behind this powerful image, however, are complex content creation processes that require seamless collaboration and efficiency across content teams. And this is where Qonqord and Woodwing come in.

Qonqord Linda Workflow for content creation - admin

Why is Woodwing’s platform being used?

To meet the challenges of a dynamic media landscape, LINDA. chosen Woodwing’s editorial platform. With this choice, they not only streamlined workflow but also optimized creative processes. The software enables content teams to work together from A to Z: from planning to publishing.

You know better than anyone that an efficient workflow saves time, money and energy. At LINDA. this is no different. By having a platform where editors and designers can collaborate efficiently, valuable time can be spent on what really matters: creating in-depth and creative content.

Automation with a Human Touch

Certainly, automation is beautiful. It takes routine tasks off your hands and reduces the risk of errors. But at LINDA. they also understand that the magic often lies in the human aspect. The Woodwing platform serves as a tool that supports the team, but the final decision-making and creative insights remain human. It ensures not only the quality but also the unique brand perspective that LINDA. so popular.


With help from Qonqord as an implementation partner of Woodwing’s editorial workflow platform, LINDA. seen a significant improvement in their creation and publication processes. Efficiency does not have to come at the expense of quality. Indeed, it allows teams to focus on creating better content.

“In a rapidly changing media world, staying up-to-date with new technologies is essential. Woodwing’s editorial workflow is a powerful tool in this transformation, which we are very pleased with. ” said Karin Swerink – general editor-in-chief of LINDA.

Clearly, to stay at the forefront of the media industry, modern, efficient tools are not optional, they are necessary. And if you do it right, you can be like LINDA. striking the balance between technology and the human element, for a result that truly resonates with your audience.


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