Graphit and PubliQare are going to merge! This is why we are so excited about the collaboration.

We are very much looking forward to the merger. We are convinced that Graphit and PubliQare form a perfect team. Why? PubliQare has the international network, Graphit has the experience with major brands. Together we can serve all of Europe. With the major international brands in mind as potential new customers.

Brands can’t live without content

Over the past ten years, we have focused heavily on helping brands optimize their content creation processes. And that market turned out to be very large. In the past we mainly worked for publishers and media agencies. We still do a lot for that, but what you see now: for large organizations, marketing, in which they want to offer their customers experiences and customer journeys, has become increasingly important for marketing their services and products. And for that, rich content is essential.

Today, every self-respecting large organization has a marketing department. But you often see that the processes to create marketing content are not streamlined there. You work as a marketing department with copywriters, photographers, advertising agencies, a design studio. Although it is often possible to organize this on your own with man and power, it still takes a lot of energy and time. We help customers with structuring the content.
At Graphit, we are successful with this. We have large customers that we help with that. We only see that the market is much larger than we can serve ourselves. Actually, we would like to help many more customers, not only in the Netherlands, but also internationally.

A new international playing field

And that’s where PubliQare comes in. PubliQare has branches in the Netherlands, but also in England, Portugal, Belgium and many customers throughout Europe. They are currently focusing even more on publishers. And since we again have that focus and experience with the major brands, together we actually form a very complete picture.

PubliQare has a nice international customer base. And just like Graphit, they have people with knowledge of automating the content and marketing processes. Together we have a much larger pool of resources, developers and consultants.
By combining our experience with publishers and brands, we can also serve the major brands even better. They want to entice their customers with appealing content. And publishers that publish dozens of magazines and newspapers know exactly how to do that. That’s their business. We can pass on the knowledge we gain from them to the brands.

The biggest player in content orchestration

Within the marketing domain we specialize in what we call content orchestration. We also want to claim that domain internationally. We want to help international clients manage and manage images, designs, logos, videos, and all that rich content you need to tell your story. So that it can be played out as efficiently as possible to websites, apps, social media and print.

At Graphit, we are really looking forward to forming a new team, with a new dynamic, and to conquer Europe together. We want to be the leading player in the field of content orchestration.

Ronald Leusink, partner at Graphit

Jeroen Goemans, partner at PubliQare

Hans Fermont, partner at PubliQare


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