How do you automate the layout of brochures, leaflets and (door-to-door) flyers?

Creating price lists, brochures, catalogs and door-to-door flyers (multilingual) is not something you can do in an instant. Many stakeholders are involved in this labour-intensive process, such as product managers, copywriters, photographers, designers and translators. This means that several people have to perform a variety of actions. The good news is that you can automate this process to a great extent, making it a lot faster and more efficient. But what exactly should you imagine with that?

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What does automation mean to you?

Just imagine the following. You automate all repetitive formatting processes, which saves you time and costs. The time to market of campaigns and product launches is much shorter. The possibilities to cross-selling products and services are significantly better. je can create and reuse content at any time (for everyone) channel). Moreover, you manage your creation and publication processes in-house House. This means that you can fully monitor your corporate identity and that you much less dependent on agencies.

A dream scenario? Absolutely not. It is possible to create structured data files from a PIM system or other source system automatically to paginate.

How? With the help of intelligent templates and a good dose of flexibility – corrections in source files, for example, are automatically implemented in the layout right up to the last minute. The name of this particularly efficient solution: Publication Organiser.

How does Publication Organizer work?

Via a web portal, marketing and category managers can automatically create brochures, folders, datasheets and catalogs themselves – without the intervention of designers. In the portal you can choose specific page templates. Via a link with a PIM and DAM system or via Excel and a DAM system, you can place product texts and images on the page yourself. In addition, you can add marketing texts yourself with the help of an editor. When the right content is in the right place on the page, you can generate Adobe InDesign pages fully automatically. If necessary, designers can further edit these pages using Adobe InDesign. Due to the standard integration with WoodWing Assets , Publication Organizer allows you to manage and unlock images for publications to all media channels, including the website.

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Stakeholders collaborate through the integrated workflow tool . For example, marketing and category managers can request adjustments from DTP with sticky notes and annotations. DTP can implement this and pass this on to marketing and purchasing through the workflow, who ultimately give approval via the workflow. A simple and very efficient process!

Do you also want to save time and costs by automating layout processes with Publication Organizer ? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss the options with you.



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