How RTL News uses WoodWing Assets DAM for image management in television broadcasts

RTL News is one of the leading news organizations in the Netherlands, praised for its versatile reporting and in-depth analysis. An important aspect contributing to the success of their television broadcasts is the efficient use of images to support the news. This is made possible in part by the use of WoodWing Assets DAM (Digital Asset Management), enriched with powerful metadata and automatic unlocking of images based on statuses. The creative department plays a crucial role in editing these images for broadcast.

The Role of Image in Television Broadcasts at RTL News

Imagery adds an extra layer of context and visual appeal to RTL News’ news stories. Successfully managing these images, especially in a fast-paced news environment, can be challenging. This is where WoodWing Assets DAM is invaluable. Editorial and design work closely together using the DAM platform.

Central Storage for Images

The first thing you notice about WoodWing Assets DAM is its centralized storage. For a fast-paced and dynamic environment such as television production, accessibility is paramount. Whether you’re a designer, editor, producer or decision-maker, you have quick access to the assets you need.

Creative Editing by the Creative Department

Before images go live in the newscasts, they are carefully edited and adjusted by the creative department. They use sophisticated tools to optimize the images to perfectly match the content and tone of the news item. WoodWing Assets DAM makes it easier for them to access, edit and metadata the necessary files (anywhere).

Efficiency and Metadata

The power of metadata should not be underestimated. By adding relevant metadata to each image, searching and identifying image materials is greatly facilitated. This is critical when you are under time pressure and need to quickly find the right image to support a news story.

Automatically Unlocking Images

One of the most impressive features is automatically making images available for broadcast based on their status. For example, when an image receives the status “Approved,” it can be automatically placed in the broadcast queue. This eliminates manual steps and makes the process seamless, allowing RTL News to respond quickly and effectively to current events.

Security and Control

Of course, security plays a big role, with features such as access restrictions and detailed logs. Thus, management can be confident that only authorized individuals have access to critical imagery.

Qonqord’s Role in Implementation.

A seamless implementation of an advanced platform like WoodWing Assets DAM is no small feat. This is where Qonqord plays a key role. Through deep expertise in workflow optimization and automation, Qonqord provided the implementation of a streamlined workflow based on WoodWing Assets. We worked with various departments, including the editorial, creative and technical teams, to design a customized workflow. WoodWing Assets DAM is tailored to the unique needs of RTL News. From configuring metadata to setting automatic triggers for accessing images based on statuses. Qonqord ensured that the system not only met current needs, but was scalable for future challenges.


The combination of WoodWing Assets DAM, Qonqord’s consultancy, and in-house expertise at RTL News, resulted in an efficient and future-proof image management solution. Whether it’s the quick accessibility of visual materials, creative editing by specialized teams, or the deployment of metadata and automatic retrieval, everything works together to enable RTL News to deliver high-quality, timely and visually appealing coverage.



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