How to reap the benefits of new content creation workflows

Process improvements for creating and publishing content are not something you just think of. Good preparation for the renewal of work processes requires a thorough analysis of the current work processes and the supporting systems. Based on this, you can devise scenarios for optimizing the processes, the roles of the participants and the required IT resources. Hilde Hagen, workflow consultant at Qonqord, talks about this in this blog.

Marketing is now a strategic choice for every company. You see that managing content flows is becoming increasingly complex. It is logical that our customers deal with this increasingly professionally. We are increasingly collaborating with business analysts, software architects and project managers. Together we devise how we can improve the automation of processes and then implement it.

beach balls

Testing the new software is an essential part of any project. We prefer to involve key users at an early stage for this, so that we can realize a smooth implementation. These users are involved in our analysis phase from the start, because good preparation and their input are important to arrive at the right solution. For example, at a large company I am doing workshops together with the business analyst of that company and the key users to map out the current bottlenecks in their working method.

Due to the corona crisis, the organization is being confronted with the facts. Now that designers have to work from home, work processes are failing. As they formulate the problem themselves: “Working from home drives us crazy. Our days are filled with beach balls and waiting for WeTransfer to download our large and heavy work files.”


When I hear such a story, I always keep asking. What exactly is going on? Not only do employees not have access to their files quickly enough, they also do not have the necessary product information and data at home. This is due to the outdated work processes, which are not ‘corona proof’. Designers are used to collecting all information about products themselves and regularly walk through the company premises for this purpose. That is no longer the case.

In addition to a pragmatic solution to the problem with the beach balls, we can also solve this problem by changing the process and assigning responsibilities to the right departments. In this specific case, the order planners will ensure that the correct information has already been selected for the designers, so that they can concentrate purely on the design (also at home). Such a plan is created during workshops with all participants in the processes. They know what is going on and can therefore provide excellent ideas. In addition, you immediately create support, so that you avoid resistance to the method. These aspects make my work at Qonqord very personal and challenging.

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honest story

I want to guarantee that personality, even now that I work from home. Now that all conversations take place online, the physical aspect disappears. That has major consequences. People who are less assertive are at risk of being snowed under in a meeting by those with the highest word. That’s why I schedule a lot of one-on-one conversations. In this way the honest story is told and together we lay the foundation for more insight into the organization and improved work processes. In my opinion, the involvement, attention and time of all stakeholders in the implementation of workflow software are the most important preconditions for a successful implementation.

Tip of the week

In the meantime, if you are thinking about improving your work processes, I have a tip for you that you can put into practice immediately: if something is not going well in one department, then include other departments in your research. Often the problem arises elsewhere than where you signal it.

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