As more and more people consume content digitally, many publishers are switching to a digital-first approach.

Efficient content creation is essential to be able to compete in today’s market. By streamlining content processes and support with workflow, teams can quickly create content for print, for web and for app.

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Do you also want to create media neutral content and publish multichannel?

In the white paper you can read how agencies use DAM for better customer support.


Misset Publishing is the publisher of the leading titles in the agricultural sector. With 140 enthusiastic professionals, Misset works on the magazines, websites, services and events of Farm, Farm Today, Food&Agribusiness, Poultry Farming, Vegetables & Fruit, Trekker, Traktorpool, Future Farming, All About Feed, Dairy Global, Pig Progress, Poultry World.
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Advertising agencies

How Altavia Unite helped Rabobank orchestrate its content creation

Recently, Altavia Unite reactivated an existing relationship with Rabobank, one of the largest cooperatives in the Netherlands with almost two million members, to take on the production of its member magazine Rabo & Co.

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Associations and Industry Organizations


The starting point of the ANWB was to set up a media neutral editorial workflow with which both web publications and print publications can be controlled.

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Sky and Digital Asset Management

Sky’s editorial team is responsible for the management and distribution of all program images for SKY and NOW TV.
The digital asset management solution not only enables teams across the organization to work much more efficiently and effectively, it also frees up the editorial team, allowing them to significantly accelerate the creation of new program images.


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