Digital Asset Management for Museums

Qonqord helps museums and cultural heritage management institutions with  a platform for managing, creating and unlocking visual content to all media channels.

DAM for museums and heritage management

Qonqord has provided several implementations of Woodwing Assets, Digital Asset Management, at museums and cultural institutions over the years. At these relationships, an integration was achieved between Woodwing Assets and Axiell Collections, the market leader in collection management.

The combination of Axiell’ s collection management platform and the Woodwing Assets DAM ensures that collections can be easily and transparently managed by all stakeholders in creation, management and publishing processes.

Collections with specific Assets can be automatically served out to a Web site based on statuses and metadata, possibly through a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Digital Asset Management Platform

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Dutch Open Air Museum

The Dutch Open Air Museum (NOM) was looking for a DAM solution that meets the requirements of the current market and also offers extensive possibilities in terms of links with various other systems including collection management.

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