Retail, Wholesale & Industry

Retail, Wholesale & Industry

In order to generate more sales, online and offline experiences must be seamless. At Qonqord, we’re ready to help your organization create and curate inspiring content for all your touchpoints in the smartest way possible.

We make brands perform better

We make brands perform better

In order to generate more sales, online and offline experiences must be seamless. At Qonqord, we’re ready to help your organization create inspiring content for all your touchpoints in the smartest way possible.

Qonqord helpt bij het orkesteren van contentcreatieprocessen. We often see different teams working independently on content releases for the website, for social and for offline. In the process, much time is lost to unnecessary repetitive work.

As a C-level executive in retail, Qonqord offers you a partnership that not only helps streamline content processes, but also helps generate more sales 24/7 through ultimate customer experiences.

Qonqord makes brands perform better.

Platform for content orchestration

Qonqord unites people and technology with the goal of streamlined workflows for all content teams. Our content orchestration platform integrates with any Product Information Management (PIM), our Digital Asset Management (DAM) en Content Management Systeem (CMS) tot één efficiënt geheel. In this platform, you manage assets and layouts in the DAM, while the PIM ensures accurate product data and pricing. The CMS provides the storytelling content.

Adobe InDesign automation is a crucial part of our platform. Our advanced InDesign integration automates common repetitive layout work, allowing your team to focus on creativity.

In addition, workflow automation is an important pillar of our platform. Door processen te automatiseren, kunnen jouw teams efficiënter werken, waardoor de tijd tot publicatie aanzienlijk vermindert. This automation provides a seamless transition between different stages of content creation and distribution, resulting in a streamlined and cost-effective operation.

By optimizing processes, teams can work smarter together to create and publish content for all your touchpoints both online and offline. 

Our platform makes brands perform better.

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Implementation by our consultants

Implementation by our consultants

Our consultants work daily to solve complex publishing issues at media companies, retailers and wholesalers.
They can also help you identify bottlenecks in your organization’s creation and publishing processes.

Together, we devise solutions based on our content orchestration platform. With this, we optimize and automate your processes.

After the new workflow is agreed upon, we help implement it.

This way, your content teams can collaborate optimally 24/7 to create and publish content.

Our consultants make brands perform better.

Content Orchestration

In the Qonqord Orchestrator, PIM, DAM and CMS come together in one clear platform. The Orchestrator provides seamless integration of all essential content management functions. The various teams work together in the platform and can easily combine product content, visual content and storytelling content and create expressions suitable for all touch points. The Orchestrator provides  automating repetitive processes such as assembling all necessary content within a layout.

Brands perform better by Content Orchestration.

Multichannel content

The Qonqord platform for content orchestration was developed specifically to support retailers in publishing multichannel content quickly and effectively. In a world where fast time-to-market is essential, our platform allows you to respond instantly to trends and market developments.

The platform allows you to effortlessly customize and distribute your content across different touch points. Whether for online or offline publications, social media or traditional media, our platform provides a streamlined and coherent approach. This means you can react quickly to changing market conditions, such as product availability, and flexibly adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Experience how Qonqord helps you stay flexible and dynamic in your content strategy, always keeping you one step ahead of your competition.

Multichannel content creation makes brands perform better.

Case: Yamaha

The European headquarters of Yamaha Motor Europe (YME) coordinates all sales and marketing activities for the European market. YME markets motorcycles, outboard motors, personal watercraft and snowmobiles in 26 European countries.

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Case: Albelli

Albelli, one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in Amsterdam, consists of a group of brands that supply photo products to more than four million customers in Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Case: Casa

Casa is a retail chain with decorative and household items as well as household textiles and garden and interior furniture. Over 40 years of experience, more than 500 stores in 11 countries and a webshop with an extensive assortment make CASA International a leading player in its industry. A door-to-door flyer is distributed weekly.

What can we do for you?

What can we do for you?

We’d love to find out in a first meeting! Our consultants are distinguished by years of experience in improving publishing processes. Thus, we provide not only a solution, but above all the right knowledge to use the platform in the best possible way. Our consultants gladly accept the challenge to help solve your publishing issues.

Schedule a no-obligation meeting where we will explore together how we can help further optimize your processes.

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