Retail, Wholesale & Industry

Retail, Wholesale & Industry

Content Orchestration is a prerequisite for streamlined content creation and distribution processes. That is why we call these processes the marketing supply chain.

To promote your products online on your website and your webshop, but also offline in folders, catalogs and POS material, you want to be able to reuse or create visuals and artworks at any time.
Qonqord offers the platform for orchestrating all content and ensures integration with back office systems such as PIM, with the webshop, with the website and for automated publications to print, PDF and app.

Publication Organizer

Publication Organizer, the platform for content orchestration combines three modules:

Workflow for multichannel content creation
Adobe InDesign automation

With Publication Organizer you save time and costs for creation and you can drastically shorten the turnaround times of publications. Read more about what the platform can do for you in the white paper.

Platform for Content Orchestration

Qonqord content orchestration process - admin

Case: Yamaha

The European headquarters of Yamaha Motor Europe (YME) coordinates all sales and marketing activities for the European market. YME markets motorcycles, outboard motors, personal watercraft and snowmobiles in 26 European countries.

manage 2 - admin
Graphit Hoogvliet Zoetermeer - admin
Adobe InDesign Automation

How Hoogvliet has much more control over its weekly campaigns through content orchestration

Every week, Hoogvliet Supermarkets distributes a door-to-door brochure containing all the weekly offers. Read in this customer case how Hoogvliet, together with Qonqord, has largely automated the publication process of its weekly campaigns both online and offline through content orchestration, digital asset management and workflow management.

Detailresult Groep Graphit - admin
Adobe InDesign Automation

DekaMarkt-Dirk van den Broek

Detailresult has chosen Woodwing Assets to manage and distribute all visual material and artwork.
In addition, the door-to-door folders are created semi-automatically using Adobe InDesign and Paginator (EasyCatalog).

digital asset management swinkels qonqord - admin
Advertising agencies

Why Swinkels Family Brewers works with Qonqord’s Digital Asset Management

Managing, worldwide access to digital marketing content and monitoring the corporate identity of all online and offline communication is essential for Bavaria’s global marketing campaigns and brand consistency. Read here how Digital Asset Management helps the Global Product Management department with this.


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