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In today’s media landscape, the boundaries between newspaper and magazine publishers, online media and broadcasters are blurring. Media companies want to share content efficiently and effectively on TV, website, social media and print. Qonqord helps implement workflows for media-neutral content creation. This allows you to publish 24/7 on any channel.

We make media companies perform better

At Qonqord, we understand the importance of seamlessly integrating digital and traditional media. Our platform allows you to optimally manage, create and distribute content to all media channels.

Teams often work independently on various media releases, causing inefficiencies and wasted time. Our goal is to streamline these processes and have teams work together to create and publish content as efficiently as possible.

For managers in the media industry, Qonqord offers a partnership aimed at optimizing publishing processes, strengthening your brand and expanding reach. Our platform not only improves publishing performance, but also maximizes the impact of your media releases.

Qonqord makes media companies perform better.

Platform for content orchestration

Qonqord unites people and technology with the goal of streamlined workflows for all content teams. 

The foundation of the content orchestration platform is the DAM (Digital Asset Management) module. In it, all media files are metadata and managed.

The Workflow module features an online editor in which teams create, edit, approve and share storytelling content media neutrally to all online and offline channels.

For print publications, for example for newspapers and magazines, we use Adobe InDesign Automation. This ensures that unnecessary repetitive layout and editing processes are automated.

The platform allows for improved collaboration between creative and editorial teams. This reduces lead times and allows publication to any channel at any time.

Our platform makes media companies perform better.

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Implementation by our consultants

Implementation by our consultants

Our consultants are solving complex publishing issues at media companies and brands on a daily basis. They can also help you identify bottlenecks in your organization’s creation and publishing processes.

Together, we devise workflow solutions based on our content orchestration platform. With this, we optimize and automate your processes.

After the new workflow is agreed upon, we help implement it.

This way, your content teams can collaborate optimally 24/7 to create and publish content.

Our consultants make brands perform better.

Content Delivery Hub

Through the platform, you distribute all your content to all media channels. Through the Content Delivery Hub, you can automatically distribute content to all common digital channels and platforms.

Media Companies perform better by Content Orchestration.

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Multichannel content

The Qonqord platform for content orchestration was developed to support publishers and media companies in publishing multichannel content quickly and effectively. In a world where timeliness is essential, our platform allows you to instantly anticipate news you want on television, website, newspaper, magazine and social media.

Experience how Qonqord helps you stay flexible and dynamic in your content strategy, always keeping you one step ahead of your competition.

Multichannel content creation makes media companies and publishers perform better.

Case: Audax

Audax, a leading Dutch media company, specializes in creating and distributing content across various channels, including print, online and events. It is known for its neutral approach to content creation and expertise in multichannel publishing, reaching a wide audience. With a rich portfolio of titles and brands, Audax serves diverse readerships ranging from lifestyle and entertainment to literature and education.

Case: RTL Views

RTL News, a prominent part of RTL Netherlands, is known for its fast and in-depth news delivery to millions of viewers and readers via TV, website and apps. The platform is distinguished by objective reporting and comprehensive analysis on current events worldwide.

Case: Linda

LINDA., a leading Dutch media brand, targets the modern woman with a mix of humor, poignancy and sharp content. Through the magazine, website and social media, it reaches millions of readers and followers every day. LINDA. covers a wide range of topics, from lifestyle to social issues, and is a pioneer in female journalism and entertainment.

What can we do for you?

What can we do for you?

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