Nederlands Fotomuseum chooses efficient Collection Management with Axiell and WoodWing Assets

Nederlands Fotomuseum, based in Rotterdam, plays a crucial role in preserving our Dutch photographic heritage and impressively brings this heritage into a contemporary context. With an impressive collection of some six million images, the museum offers a unique look at the power of visual storytelling.
Recently, Nederlands Fotomuseum made an important strategic decision to optimize the efficiency and transparency of its collection management. This innovative step will ensure that the valuable collections are easier to manage by all stakeholders involved in the creation, management and publication processes.

A Crucial Choice: Axiell for Collection Management

One of the key decisions made by Nederlands Fotomuseum was the implementation of Axiell’s collection management platform. This platform is known for its advanced capabilities to manage collections in a structured and efficient manner. With Axiell, the museum can not only easily organize its vast collection, but also provide access to relevant stakeholders within the museum.

An Important Role for WoodWing Assets DAM

In addition to the Axiell collection management platform, Nederlands Fotomuseum also chose the DAM (Digital Asset Management) platform WoodWing Assets. This choice is a crucial part of the strategy to manage the collections. WoodWing Assets provides the ability to manage all images in a structured and organized manner. In addition, Qonqord will work with a special working group within the museum to ensure that implementation is seamless.

A Seamless Integration for Efficient Management.

What makes these decisions so remarkable is the synergy between Axiell and WoodWing Assets. The two platforms will be integrated, allowing collections to be managed easily and transparently by all stakeholders in the creation, management and publishing processes. This seamless integration will not only save time and resources, but will also increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire collection management process.

This is an exciting development for Nederlands Fotomuseum and the broader community of heritage institutions in the Netherlands. It enables the museum to preserve and share the rich photographic heritage of the Netherlands in a manner appropriate to the digital age. With Axiell and WoodWing Assets, Nederlands Fotomuseum has the right tools to achieve this goal and keep heritage alive for future generations.

This news is not only a milestone for the museum itself, but also an inspiration for other institutions striving for more effective and sophisticated collection management. It shows that the right software and workflows can be the key to preserving and disseminating our cultural heritage, and Nederlands Fotomuseum is leading the way in this important effort.

In addition to Nederlands Fotomuseum, The New Institute, Artis and Het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, among others, also work with the combination of Axiell and WoodWing Assets.

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