New on board at Qonqord

This month Ali Berdouni started as a trainee at Qonqord

My name is Ali Berdouni, I am 25 years old and a2nd year student studying AD IT service management. I have been studying and working in various IT training courses and employers since I was seventeen.

While looking for an internship for my graduation internship, I came across Qonqord. At my first meeting I already knew that I wanted to do my graduation internship at Qonqord. On my first visit, I was immediately welcomed in a friendly manner and I met the entire support team. You could immediately see that the team is closely connected and that they work well together. This was fully confirmed since my first day as an intern.

For me this is the first time that I am doing an internship at a company that provides services to media companies and brands. With the help of my colleagues I have already learned a lot in the first weeks.
I am very happy working for Qonqord am looking forward to the coming period. In my assignment I will help to map out and where processes surrounding knowledge management possibly could be improved.



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