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Hello, my name is Sarah Leemans. I’m 42 years old and mother of 2 teenagers and together with my husband we live in the sunny Belgium.

My whole career I worked with passion on Customer Service departments where I spent most of the years servicing the French market. I ended up being responsible for the Customer Service team. During my career, you could find me at the international trade fairs where I promoted our company and gave technical advice. Yes, learning more and more is something which fascinates me. I’m even trying to learn the Croatian language.

As Qonqord crossed my path, a new passion was born. The software integration world was something new for me and that’s why I like to dive into this new pool. I look forward to learning in detail all the skills my colleagues already have! In fact, when I met the Qonqord Team, their enthusiasm triggered mine and I couldn’t wait to start as a member of the team!

As Customer Success Manager for the regions Belgium, Luxembourg and France, I’ll make sure your crossing with the Qonqord Team will be as successful as it can be! Together we will give you the ultimate Customer Experience within the orchestration of your content! Let’s make your work much easier together!


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