Roularta Media Netherlands

Roularta Media Netherlands (RMN), previously New Skool Media, was founded in 2014. RMN is the largest independent magazine publisher in the Netherlands. RMN serves both the breadth and depth of the market with more than 20 brands – from magazines to events, podcasts to e-learning. The combination of quality content and knowledge of the loyal target audience is always central to this.

The portfolio includes quality brands Plus Magazine, Landleven, EW (former Elsevier Weekblad) and the 50PlusBeurs as Fiets, delicious., Roots and KIJK. as EW, Knipmode, Beleggers Belangen, Columbus Travel, Formula 1, Truckstar and Vorsten.

The challenge

RMN has different audiences, channels and publication schedules for titles. This makes for a complex and busy schedule with different editorials and load peaks. All titles have their own copy, images and production. There is an increasing need to share content across editors.

Add structure

RMN uses WoodWing Studio and Woodwing Assets to support its editorial and design processes. WoodWing Studio is the workflow solution in which the designers and editors collaborate on publications for print and for web. In Assets, all images, InDesigns and PDFs are stored and shared for archiving e republishing. Indexing all images is essential for easy retrieval and reuse. Files are automatically indexed upon import into WoodWing Assets and can be further enriched with additional metadata. The Woodwing platform is managed from the cloud by Qonqord.

The workout consisted of

  • analysis
  • implementation
  • management and maintenance

We have structured by

  • Savings on DTP production costs
  • Efficient process for digital publishing
  • Higher ROI from marketing assets
  • Lower process costs
  • Multi-channel publishing
  • Online collaboration in workflow
  • Stable work processes
  • Secure data storage
  • Shortened creation and production cycles


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