New on board at Qonqord

In September Patrick started at the service desk of Qonqord

My name is Patrick Bruggink, 42 ​​years old and married to Femke. Together with our 3 children – Ryan aged 14, Lotte aged 6 and Siem aged 2 – we live in Zelhem, in the beautiful Achterhoek in Gelderland.

I’ve known Qonqord for a while. At two media agencies where I worked, at Imediate and at LBL Communication & Content, I worked with the software platform of Qonqord based on Woodwing. The experiences with Qonqord were very positive in both cases.

When I indicated on LinkedIn in the middle of this year that I was looking for a different challenge, I was approached by Qonqord to come and work freelance for them on a project basis. Both parties liked this so much that we have now agreed an employment contract.

My experiences with Qonqord’s Workflow and DAM platform will come in handy in the work that I will be doing as a service engineer. I am really looking forward to working for this great company and to help support workflow solutions for each and every one of them wonderful customers!

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