Optimize your Content Creation processes with Adobe InDesign Server, EasyCatalog and WoodWing Assets

If you’re looking for ways to optimize your content creation processes, you can use Adobe InDesign Server as an automatic layout robot. Especially when combined with other powerful software such as EasyCatalog, WoodWing Studio and WoodWing assets. Below we take a closer look at how these tools can collectively take your workflow to the next level.

Adobe InDesign Server: The Engine of Your Content

Adobe InDesign Server automates design and layout processes, leaving your team more time for creativity and strategy. Whether you are producing catalogs, brochures or magazines, this server version of Adobe InDesign allows you to generate all these documents in a streamlined and efficient manner. That is, InDesign files as well as PDF files.

EasyCatalog: Data Management Simplified

In many cases, you need to work with large amounts of data, such as product information or price lists. EasyCatalog can help with this. This tool integrates seamlessly with Adobe InDesign Server and makes it easy to synchronize and manage your data. You can generate new versions of your documents in no time without having to manually update every detail.

WoodWing: Content Orchestration

WoodWing Studio is a solution that orchestrates your content creation processes, from idea to publication. It allows teams to collaborate in a centralized environment and can be easily integrated with both Adobe InDesign Server. This creates a streamlined workflow that saves both time and money.

The Quadruple Combination

By combining WoodWing Studio, WoodWing Assets, Adobe InDesign and EasyCatalog server, you are able to set up a highly efficient and scalable content creation pipeline. The WoodWing platform (Assets and Studio)provides a tremendously powerful platform for team collaboration, content creation, distribution and management. Adobe InDesign and -EasyCatalog Server handle automatic formatting.

For formatting door-to-door leaflets, Qonqord offers an additional add on for page planning based on the above modules, Publication organizer.


The interplay of Adobe InDesign Server, EasyCatalog and WoodWing Assets provides a powerful solution for companies looking to optimize their content creation processes. You benefit from greater efficiency, scalability, more room for creativity and a higher ROI on your investments.



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