Optimizing content creation processes: how NTvG transformed from print first to digital first.

In a world where content is becoming more important by the day, efficiency in content creation and distribution is crucial. This case study highlights how Qonqord, as WoodWing Studio’s implementation partner, helped NTvG, the Dutch Journal of Medicine, achieve a new level of operational efficiency. Discover how this collaboration not only ensured smarter collaboration between (web) editing and design, reduced production time, but also resulted in significant cost savings.

The challenge: from print-first to online-first

NTvG, the leading Dutch medical journal, faced a major challenge. They wanted to transition from a print-first to an online-first organization. This was no easy task; the process was labor intensive and required the use of multiple outside parties to convert Word documents to a publishable XML format. It was clear that there had to be a more efficient way.

The evaluation: looking for the right partner and technology

After a thorough re-inventory of its working methods by Qonqord and a proof of concept with the new digital first working method, NTVG worked with Qonqord to transform its publishing processes.

The implementation: a personalized approach

Implementation was an intensive but smooth process that began in November 2017. Qonqord worked closely with NTvG to provide a customized solution. We developed Word templates that were automatically converted into structured digital articles. These articles contain various components such as title, text, images and bibliography. The process also included training the NTvG team to ensure they were getting the most out of the new tools.

The results: efficiency and automation

The implementation of WoodWing Studio has dramatically improved NTvG’s production process. What used to be a time-consuming and manual task is now an automated and efficient process. NTvG can now easily meet the weekly production deadline and has the ability to publish articles directly to their Drupal website and other digital channels. This has not only reduced production time, but also resulted in significant cost savings.

The future: new opportunities and growth

With the new workflow, NTvG can now focus on expanding their digital reach, including social media channels. The structured content makes it easy to explore and add new products and digital channels.

Conclusion: a successful partnership

The collaboration between NTvG and Qonqord led to a successful digital transformation. The project is an excellent example of how technology and partnership can come together to create real business value. It has also improved internal communication and planning within NTvG, creating a more cohesive and efficient working environment.

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