Elpical Claro

automatic image editing

Elpical Claro

Automatic image editing

Image editing

Do your own or external designers spend a lot of time editing images in Photoshop?

For the use of images on your website and in your brochures and folders, you naturally want a professional appearance. Many repetitive tasks such as optimizing the image, scaling, detaching, cropping, applying shadow effects or mirror effects can be fully automated with the Elpical Claro image editing software.


Qonqord fully integrates Elpical Claro software into the workflow, automating repetitive processes and ensuring images meet the quality standards of your organization.

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business case

By automating the processes, lead times of publications are drastically shortened, dependence on third parties is eliminated and costs are saved.

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Sky and Digital Asset Management

Sky’s editorial team is responsible for the management and distribution of all program images for SKY and NOW TV.
The digital asset management solution not only enables teams across the organization to work much more efficiently and effectively, it also frees up the editorial team, allowing them to significantly accelerate the creation of new program images.

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Content Orchestration

Publisher Porto Editora saves enormous time with Woodwing platform

Find out how Porto Editora is giving its authors, designers, photographers and proofreaders more time to focus on content quality with the help of the Woodwing publishing platform.

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Adobe InDesign Automation

DekaMarkt-Dirk van den Broek

Detailresult has chosen Woodwing Assets to manage and distribute all visual material and artwork.
In addition, the door-to-door folders are created semi-automatically using Adobe InDesign and Paginator (EasyCatalog).


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