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Automatic image editing

Image editing

Do your own or external designers spend a lot of time editing images in Photoshop?

For the use of images on your website and in your brochures and folders, you naturally want a professional appearance. Many repetitive tasks such as optimizing the image, scaling, detaching, cropping, applying shadow effects or mirror effects can be fully automated with the Pixometry image editing software.


Qonqord fully integrates Pixometry software into the workflow, automating repetitive processes and ensuring images meet the quality standards of your organization.

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business case

By automating the processes, lead times of publications are drastically shortened, dependence on third parties is eliminated and costs are saved.

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Associations and Industry Organizations


The starting point of the ANWB was to set up a media neutral editorial workflow with which both web publications and print publications can be controlled.

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Content Orchestration at Next Retail

Next Retail is a multinational British retailer of clothing, footwear and homewares, headquartered in Enderby, England. With the expansion with new brands and the continued international expansion and growth of e-commerce, the amount of digital asset has exploded .

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Associations and Industry Organizations


The Netherlands Open Air Museum was looking for an image bank that meets the requirements of the current market and that also offers possibilities in terms of links with existing systems such as Adlib and the public website.


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