Prelum innovates production process together with Qonqord

In close collaboration with medical specialists, general practitioners and dentists, among others, Prelum devises, develops, manufactures and sells various information and training products, ranging from books and magazines to websites and events.


“We started with three further training magazines fifteen years ago, but now we have more than twenty-five,” says André Matera, general manager of Prelum. The introduction of new continuing education titles makes the work increasingly labour-intensive. Each magazine is produced manually in the same way. To cope with that complexity, a simpler editing process and a structured way of content storage are required.


With the implementation of PublishOne, this requirement has been met. PublishOne is a Microsoft Word-based online content creation platform that easily and unambiguously guides copy through the different phases of the writing process and facilitates publication on different channels.


System integrator Qonqord has implemented PublishOne at Prelum. Thanks in part to the clear and transparent communication, short lines and constructive atmosphere, according to director of Qonqord Hans Fermont, it was a successful implementation project. And a step forward for Prelum.

With PublishOne , Prelum has laid the foundation for a better and more versatile application of a much larger database of content,

says IJsbrand Theunissen, operational director of Prelum. “It is important with a view to the future that all this content is contained in one database. That makes it easier to make products in the future from content we already have,” Matera adds.


Innovation is of great importance within the medical world, including for a medical publishing house. Theunissen: “We produce professional magazines for professional groups that are constantly evolving. Insights change, their field changes, so if we don’t innovate, we will be left behind.” Innovation is therefore not a goal, but a means to continue to ensure that the target group is served correctly. Matera: “Every year we want to provide better solutions for our customers and that includes innovation in the technical field.”


The first step has been taken with the implementation of PublishOne. Prelum continues the collaboration with Qonqord and is currently investigating how other learning elements – such as interactive video and serious gaming aspects – can further enrich digital content.

We have structured by

  • Efficient process for digital publishing
  • Integration of data and files
  • Lower process costs
  • Online collaboration in workflow
  • Stable work processes


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