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Qonqord acquires Evolved Media Solutions

Entering a new era in state-of-the-art DAM and Workflow solutions for media companies, publishers & brands by sharing their joint knowledge & software solutions

Hilversum, The Netherlands – March 4, 2024

Qonqord, a leading specialist in streamlining content creation and publication processes, proudly announces the full integration of Evolved Media Solutions into its corporate structure. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in delivering advanced workflow solutions and automation technologies to our clients in media, publishing, retail and wholesale, government, agencies and museums.

“The integration of Evolved into Qonqord is a natural evolution of our commitment to implementing the most advanced and efficient workflow solutions for our clients,” says Jeroen Goemans, CCO at Qonqord. “By joining forces, we can better support our clients in saving time, money, and resources while enhancing the quality and speed of their content processes.”

Evolved Media Solutions, known for its innovative approach to digital asset management and workflow automation, brings a wealth of expertise and advanced technologies to the Qonqord family, most notably a solution that can integrate AI and other external services into content workflows in an automated way. This collaboration strengthens Qonqord’s position as a European market leader in workflow optimization and automation for companies striving for digital excellence.

“This affiliation with Qonqord enables us to realize our vision for advanced digital solutions on a larger scale,” said Russell Pierpoint, Managing Director at Evolved. “We are excited to be part of this beautiful international dynamic team and look forward to the joint opportunities that lie ahead.”

Clients of Qonqord and Evolved can immediately benefit from this integration by gaining access to an extensive portfolio of services and solutions, all aimed at maximizing efficiency and fostering content process innovation within their organizations.

For more information about the integration of Evolved into Qonqord and what it means for your business, please contact Jeroen Goemans, CCO at Qonqord. See contact details at the bottom of the press release.

About Qonqord

Qonqord is a market leader in providing integrated workflow solutions and automation technologies for publishers and brands. Focused on making the content supply chain more efficient, Qonqord helps brands across various sectors save time, money, and resources while increasing the quality and effectiveness of their content production. We make brands perform better. Learn more about qonqord at

About Evolved, now Qonqord Uk

Evolved is a pioneer in digital asset management and workflow automation. With a strong focus on innovative solutions, Evolved helps companies accelerate their digital transformation and improve their operational efficiency

Russell Pierpoint, proud founder, will help make the merger a success and will then gradually withdraw and focus more on his other hobbies.

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