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The Qonqord Platform for Content Orchestration is based on software from our renowned software partners. Linked to our cloud platform, we unlock all kinds of additional apps to further improve your content creation processes. These apps are hosted in AWS and can be fully integrated into your workflow.

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Qonqord apps

Qonqord apps

Qonqord is committed to various industries….

App (WoodWing Studio, Assets, other)

Brochure Builder

Using the brochure builder, marketing and product management departments can collect, create and schedule digital content for brochures, flyers and catalogs. Marketing and traffic staff can create these expressions themselves using intelligent online templates without the intervention of designers. Ultimately, both print-ready Adobe InDesign and PDF files can be generated.

App (WoodWing Studio, Assets, other)

Content Delivery Hub

The Content Delivery Hub (CDH) handles the distribution of digital content to all digital channels. The hub ensures that content is delivered in proper format to websites, portals, app services and other digital end points.

App (WoodWing Assets, other).

E-depot & Preservation

Qonqord offers an e-depot app for the purpose of digital preservation of museum collections in which digital files can be safely archived and securely managed.

App (WoodWing Assets, other).


The III F App(International Image Interoperability Framework) is an app supported by the major international cultural institutions. Using this app, you can zoom far into digital images of artworks and view them online down to the pixel level.

App (WoodWing Studio, Assets, other)

Pixometry (formerly Elpical Claro) offers a complete image processing workflow, for optimizing and standardizing images. Pixometry analyzes each image by a set of specific parameters and enhances the image with the highest possible quality.

App (WoodWing Studio, Assets, other)

PDF Tool kit

For creating PDF files, Qonqord offers an app that can automatically create PDFs from Adobe Indesign. This in various combinations and formats. If required, PDF files can be certified on behalf of the printer. The Tool kit distributes the PDFs to online and offline channels.

App (WoodWing Studio, other)

Word to Digital

Many authors work with MS Word. As an editor, how can you start using these files as soon as possible within your publishing platform? Converting Word to the desired final format is often time-consuming. This app helps you smartly import Word files and convert them to the desired format. This is going to save you a lot of time importing these files.

App (WoodWing Studio, Assets, other)

QQ AI Service

Discover our AI app for editorial processes. Automate translations, generate headlines, shorten texts, SEO and suggestions for improvements. Save time and increase the efficiency of your editorial tasks. Let our AI co pilot join your editorial team for high-quality content.

App (WoodWing Studio, Assets, other)

QQ Brand Portal

Qonqord’s Brand Portal provides a powerful solution for brands looking to efficiently manage and distribute their digital assets. This portal enables teams to manage creative content and media assets in a central location, improving accessibility and consistency of branded content across platforms and channels.

Integration with the WoodWing Assets DAM allows users to quickly and easily access, edit and approve required assets, significantly reducing time-to-market for marketing projects.

App (WoodWing Assets, other).

QQ DAM Automator

The Qonqord DAM automator, rules engine automates business processes by applying a set of predefined logical rules to content. The engine automates repetitive tasks, streamlining complex processes. The DAM automator has integrations with AI app for automating processes around image optimization and metadata recognition, among others.

App (WoodWing Assets, other).

QQ DAM Task Manager

If you regularly spend time doing the same tasks over and over again regarding managing assets in your DAM platform, the
Qonqord’s Workflow Panel will save you a lot of time. Think of the Workflow Panel as help that easily guides you to each stage of a task through a series of predefined menu items.

App (WoodWing Assets, other).

QQ DAM Workflow panel

The QQ Workflow panel allows teams to work seamlessly with each other in creating and reusing assets.

App (WoodWing Studio, Assets).

QQ WoodWing Assets
Mobile App

This app allows people all over the world to view, share, upload and download images, videos or artwork 24/7 on mobile devices and tablets.

App (WoodWing Assets)

QQ Cropping app

This app allows you to crop images, based on parameters. You can also crop batches of images this way.

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