Qonqord: the new name for fast and streamlined content creation, management and publishing

A new website, a new name, and a new location: Qonqord has been on the air since January 1. An ambitious organization that arises from a merger between Graphit and PubliQare, and that wants to be the leading player in the field of ‘ content orchestration’. The ambition is to further expand the company from Hilversum and to put an end to ‘ content chaos’ .

The name Qonqord is derived from the supersonic, streamlined passenger plane, the Concorde. That is appropriate, because Qonqord also streamlines and accelerates: but then all processes surrounding the creation, management and publishing of ‘rich’ content via websites, apps and printed media. Content refers to all the means by which companies tell their story: text, photos, videos, logos and design. The name also refers to chord (chord) and orchestration: without the five lines of sheet music, there is only a mix of sounds, no music. Music is only created through coherence.

Behind Qonqord is a triumvirate: Ronald Leusink, Jeroen Goemans and Hans Fermont. Graphit from Krommenie has experienced strong growth among brands in recent years and now wants to spread its wings across the border. Publiqare has a solid base in Europe with branches in England, Portugal and Belgium and wanted to expand towards brands. It was obvious that the two organizations would merge.

Order in the chaos

Qonqord’s motto is ‘ you create, we orchestrate’ . Leusink explains that a trend is visible in which ‘brands become publishers and publishers become brands’. By this he means that every party that wants to market a product or service, increasingly creates content to support potential customers in their purchase process. This includes copywriters, photographers, film makers, designers and agencies. According to Leusink, there is a danger that there is no longer an overview due to that large amount of content: “This creates so-called content chaos.”

The solution that Qonqord offers for this is a central platform where all content is stored. One source of truth. If everyone can easily find, modify and approve a file, it promotes collaboration. You no longer work past each other and you no longer have to spend time emailing, calling and the hassle of sending files via WeTransfer and Dropbox. You can therefore also publish selected content much faster.

Ease of use comes first

The solution consists of a Digital Asset Management System (DAM) that works together with common software such as Adobe Indesign and Photoshop. Users create content with it. Many customers link it to their Product Information System (PIM), which helps to set up workflows even more efficiently. For example, Yamaha works with the Qonqord platform to collect and publish photos and videos of motorcycles and parts with technical and sales data. One push of a button is enough to send content to 26 countries. The corresponding product information is automatically translated. Recipients adapt the content to their liking and can publish immediately.

Not just for large organizations

Besides Yamaha, Qonqord also helps other large, renowned organizations, such as Ziggo, Sky, DPG Media and NCOI. However, content orchestration does not only make sense for large organizations. Smaller organizations can also create a lot of content. Even then, you benefit greatly from smart content creation and publication.

Qonqord not only helps to save costs by speeding up work processes. Marketers can accelerate go-to-market by launching campaigns earlier. In addition, content orchestration increases opportunities for upselling and cross-selling . A customer who carries multiple brands has organized all content channel and brand neutral, so that people can reuse each other’s content.

Also as a service

Brands can also offer Qonqord’s solution as a service to their partners such as importers and dealers. The advantage for partners is that they can immediately benefit and get started, without upfront investment. This way you always have control over how your brand content is used.

The new organization employs nearly 50 people. The combination has more in-house knowledge to advise customers. Qonqord also has more developers and application specialists who can optimally tailor the technology to customer needs. Furthermore, users can count on even better support. This is how Qonqord connects people and systems in the ‘content supply chain’ : from creation to publication.



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