Evolved Media Solutions is

Qonqord UK

as of March 1

Qonqord UK

Borough Yards, 13 Dirty Lane
SE1 9PA, London
United Kingdom


Qonqord Press Release

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As of the 1st of march Evolved Media Solutions merged into Qonqord UK. You can find the entire press release right here.

Media & publishing

Media & publishing

Qonqord UK specializes in streamlining media operations and managing complex content workflows for broadcasting, media & publishing. Understanding the dynamic nature of media, we tailor solutions for efficiency and innovation. Our technology simplifies content management, enhancing collaboration and creativity in media. We transform media production processes, enabling professionals to focus on creating impactful content.

Trust us to revolutionize your media production processes. Visit our media page for more information about our services, or get in contact with us straight away.

Retail &

Qonqord UK specializes in revolutionizing retail workflows, offering cutting-edge solutions for industry challenges. Understanding the fast-paced, competitive nature of retail, we optimize inventory and distribution. Our tools ensure seamless integration across all retail channels, enhancing customer experiences. Data-driven and tailored, our approach elevates retail operations for maximum profitability.

Trust us to elevate your retail operations, maximizing profitability and market presence.

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