Quantore automatic catalog layout

Quantore is a cooperative and the private label of more than 400 office stores in the Netherlands. The range includes more than 24,000 office supplies, everything for the office and at home. Quantore has been around for 100 years.


  • 420 ondernemers zijn bij de coöperatie aangesloten
  • 1.600 Quantore verkooppunten in Nederland en België
  • Assortiment van 24.000 artikelen
  • 6 productgroepen, van pen en papier tot hobby en etenswaren
  • 200 medewerkers

With a great passion for office supplies, Quantore wants to be the best wholesaler of items for the office environment. They take the purchasing off the hands of the office supply retailer and deliver items in the smartest way. In order to realize this, they wanted to automate the layout of their catalogues. The largest catalog has a size of over 1600 pages to provide its members with the entire range. Quantore has its own design studio for the design of all its marketing and communication.

Add structure

Within the project, all employees involved in this creation process are trained and our experts provide guidance and support in the production of the catalogues. Thanks to the link with Adobe InDesign, Quantore can now efficiently format their catalogs, make corrections and process data, text and images flawlessly. By adjusting the corrections directly in the PIM and XML file, this is automatically implemented in the InDesign templates, without a designer being involved. This speeds up the editing and formatting process considerably and they can produce and offer their catalog even faster to their members.

More information

Do you also want to create your catalog faster and more efficiently? Want more time for creativity and innovation? Request a product demo via sales@qonqord.com

We have structured by

  • Besparing op DTP productiekosten
  • Efficiënt proces voor digital publishing
  • Integratie van data en bestanden
  • Lagere proceskosten
  • Stabiele werkprocessen
  • Verkorte creatie- en productiecycli
  • Versnellen van de time to market
  • Volledige integratie backoffice


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