The user-friendly publishing platform from Microsoft Word


For (corporate) publishers of educational and legal content

Your authors need an easy and intuitive way to write great content. They like to use Word, you need XML. You need creation and publishing processes that are tailored to your specific products.

You want your teams to work together across the content chain. You want a single source for all your publishing channels. That’s why publishers use PublishOne.

Reduce content creation errors and publish smarter

From editing and design to enriching content and making it easier to search. With PublishOne, everyone works in a central, cloud-based document and knows exactly what their tasks and privileges are. As a result, content writers and creation can do what they do best, while publishing to any format can be achieved up to 40% faster. From blog, app or white paper to textbooks, e-learning, reports, novels digitally and in print. All from one source file in PublishOne.

Prelum and PublishOne

User-friendly platform

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Browser Access: Highly Available, Scalable, Accessible Globally
  • Use the standard editor Microsoft Word – even offline
  • Text, layout, photos, videos and hyperlinks are automatically structured as XML behind the scenes
  • Easy configuration of specific workflows and user roles
  • Always work with the latest version of your documents
  • Collaborate with external editors
  • Consistent output quality through the use of templates
  • Scalable and secure

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