Ter Steege automatic brochure layout

Ter Steege is a wholesaler of a large and diverse range of pots, lifestyle items and souvenirs. All products are our own design and are manufactured at our own locations in Asia and Portugal, among other places. The customers are located all over the world, ranging from garden centers, florists, wholesalers and hydro specialists to retail chains and DIY stores.

Ter Steege’s marketing department wanted to automate the preparation of sales brochures and price lists as much as possible on the basis of Adobe InDesign. Ter Steege has an internal design studio for designing its communications.

Qonqord has set up EasyCatalog the automatic layout plug-in for Adobe InDesign for the automatic pagination of brochures and price lists. Prior to setting up the automation, the process was drawn up in a blueprint in workshops together with marketing and design.


  • What information had to be collected in Excel to position products and product families on the page.
  • How should the data source in EasyCatalog be set up?
  • Which tagging is needed in Adobe InDesign and which business rules do you want to apply for the automatic layout.

What did it bring?

An automated layout process for brochures and price lists, which speeds up the layout process enormously. Corrections can be made automatically in the layout from Excel. Layout adjustments can be made up to the last minute in InDesign.

We have structured by

  • Savings on DTP production costs
  • Consistent brand image
  • Integration of data and files
  • Lower process costs
  • Shortened creation and production cycles
  • Accelerate the time to market
  • Full back office integration




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